In the Windows Update window click Install updates

Troubleshooting Some software program updates require that you agree to the licensing terms and conditions of the program before you can install the update.

A progress bar reports on the update activities as Windows downloads the selected update(s), creates a restore point, and then installs each update .

Windows Update downloads and installs the selected update.

5. If Windows 7 prompts you to restart your computer, close any open files, and then click Restart now. Windows will complete the configuration of installed updates before and/or after restarting the computer. After your computer restarts, log on, and then repeat step 1 to return to Windows Update .

6. In the left pane, click Change settings.

In the Change Settings window, you can change the frequency, time, type, and scope of automatic updates.

7. In the Important updates section of the Change Settings window, if Install updates automatically is not already selected in the first list, select it now.

8. In the two lists to the right of Install new updates, click a frequency and a time at which your computer will usually be on and online.

It's best to select a time outside your core work hours—say at the beginning or end of your workday—when connecting to the Internet and installing updates won't impact your ability to work by monopolizing your computer's resources .

Tip If you prefer to have more control over the update process but still enjoy the benefit of automatic updates, select the Download Updates But Let Me Choose Whether To Install Them option. With this option, Windows 7 downloads available updates to your computer and displays the Windows Update icon in the notification area. You can click the icon to review and approve or reject the installation of each update.

9. Select or clear the check boxes in the Recommended updates, Who can install updates, and Featured update notifications sections to reflect the way you want Windows Update to function on this computer. Then click OK.

Windows Update saves your changes . ^ CLEAN UP Close the Windows Update window.

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