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Recycle Bin Size

The contents of the Recycle Bin take up space on your hard disk. By default, 10 percent of a disk up to 40 GB in size is allocated to the Recycle Bin, plus 5 percent of any space over 40 GB . If your hard disk is divided into partitions, the Recycle Bin might quickly become full. For example, if the Recycle Bin is on a 10 GB partition, only 1 GB is available for deleted files .

When deleting a very large file, Windows might inform you that the file is too large to store in the Recycle Bin and that it will delete it permanently. If you're sure you won't need to recover the file, you can give the go-ahead; if not, you can cancel the deletion. On a small hard disk or drive partition, you might see this "too large" message quite often

You might need to restrict the amount of space used by the Recycle Bin, or you might want to instruct Windows to bypass the Recycle Bin entirely. Both of these options are available from the Recycle Bin Properties dialog box.

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