Checking For Spyware With Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a free anti-spyware program included in Windows 7. Use it to protect yourself against various types of spyware and malware. Although Windows Defender performs quick scans daily, you can also use it to perform full scans at your direction. Use this section to learn how to start and run Windows Defender.

^3 Open Control Panel.

AA Click All Control Panel Items.

(^j) Scroll down. - I1 Click Windows Defender.




Full Scan takes much longer than Quick Scan, as more programs and system locations are scanned. The best time to perform a full scan is at the end of your computing day. ■


o Open the Scan Q Click Full Scan.

During the scan, you might see a warning.

Windows Defender reports no unwanted/harmful software detected.


By default, Windows Defender performs a quick scan each day at 2:00 AM. Use the Options menu to change the scheduled time and other settings as needed. ■

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