Mark Your Favorite Places on the Favorites

1. In IE, the Favorites Bar appears directly below the address bar. You can add links here to take you back to pages you want to return to, such as your favorite news site or your bank's Web site. Browse the Web page for this book: Type in the address bar and press Enter.

2. On the Favorites Bar, click the Add to Favorites Bar button, which has a green arrow over a gold star. Without any fanfare, the title of the current Web page appears to the right of the Add to Favorites Bar button (see Figure 9-9).

:-avorite-5 | ||!!N PC Training & Consulting ... ^ Suggested Sites T Get More Add-ons 1 Sol* Google I®)!

.[iJWelcome to the Newseum .. 1IIH PC Training & Consulti...

Click a avorite to see that page.

Click to ac Figure 9-9

d the current page to the Favorites Bar.

3. To return to a site using the Favorites Bar, click on the link.

4. Rename a Favorites Bar link by right-clicking over that link. Choose Rename. For this book, you could type Windows 7 book. Then click OK. Shorter names allow you to fit more links on the Favorites Bar and make those links easier to recognize.

5. Delete a link from the Favorites Bar by right-clicking over that link and choosing Delete from the resulting menu. A dialog box asks whether you're sure. Click Yes (if you are).

Use the Favorites Bar for the Web sites you visit most often, and delete links you don't often use.

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