Legacy Install Shield

Packages created using legacy InstallShield technologies usually have the file name Setup . exe. To create an unattended installation for a legacy InstallShield package, you need to create an InstallShield script, which has the .iss file extension . Many applications come with such a file, but they are also easy to create .

To create an InstallShield response file, perform the following steps:

1. Run the setup program using the /r command-line option . This creates a Setup .iss file based on how you configure the installation as you step through the setup program. The result is the file Setup .iss in %SystemRoot%.

2. Copy Setup .iss from %SystemRoot% to the folder containing the package .

3. Run the setup program using the /s command-line option. The setup program runs silently using the responses provided by the Setup .iss file.

IMPORTANT Packages created by InstallShield will spawn a separate process and then return immediately to the calling program. This means that the setup program runs asynchronously, even if you start the setup program using start /wait. You can add the /sms command-line option to force the setup program to pause until installation is finished, however, making the process synchronous.

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