Individual Disconnected Computers

Some users in an organization may be in remote locations or may travel to many locations . This scenario is common for roaming clients, such as the computers of salespeople or other users who are offsite but not at branch locations This scenario can also apply to remote branch office locations that have no connection or an intermittent connection to the core network

Disconnected computers can use KMS or MAK, depending on how often the computers connect to the core network. Use KMS activation for computers that connect to the core network—either directly or through a VPN—at least once every 180 days and when the core network is using KMS activation. Use MAK Independent activation—by telephone or the Internet—for computers that rarely or never connect to the core network. Figure 11-4 shows disconnected clients using MAK Independent activation through the Internet and also through the telephone.

figure 11-4 Disconnected computer scenario

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