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A web search engine lets you search for virtually anything online. The most popular search engine today is Google (, which indexes billions of individual web pages. Google is very easy to use and returns extremely accurate results.

^^ Go to

Enter one or more keywords into the search box.

^^ Click the Google Search button.

When the results are displayed, click any page link to view that page.

Advanced Searching Google also offers a variety of advanced search options to help you fine-tune your search. Just click the Advanced Search link and choose the appropriate options. ■

Internet Explorer Search Box You can also search the web from Internet Explorer's search box, located next to the address box. To choose a search provider, click the down arrow next to the search box, select Find More Providers, and when the Add Search Providers page appears, click Google. ■

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SEO Guide for Top Rankings

SEO Guide for Top Rankings

Search engines are special sites on the web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. There are differences in the ways various search engines work. Learn more about this topic within this guide.

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