Windows Update

Windows Update is an important built-in online tool that ensures your system gets all the latest software additions and bug fixes. Unlike the Windows Update version in Windows XP, Windows 7 supplies users an integrated update system that does not require the user to go to the Microsoft update website. Instead of opening a web browser, the new version of Windows Update opens in the same existing window.

Windows Update has been made to be seamless to its users. Let's say a newly installed update requires a restart while you are in the process of doing important work. You can postpone that restart easily without any disruptions. Also a great feature to Windows Update is the way it handles updates for already running programs. If Windows Update has an update that needs to be installed on an already running program or service, Windows will safely stop the program or service, install the update, and then restart it. This doesn't apply to every program, such as Microsoft Office applications or games, but it does cover antivirus software running continuously in the background and similar programs.

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