Unable to Use BitLocker

If you are unable to use BitLocker, check the following:

• Is the hard disk properly partitioned? The hard disk must have a 1.5GB primary partition and a separate system partition for Windows (it can be any size above the minimum requirements for Windows 7). You cannot enable BitLocker on a system with a single hard disk partition.

• If the system has a TPM chip, is the feature enabled in the system BIOS? If it is, check with the system or motherboard vendor for a BIOS upgrade.

• If the system does not have a TPM chip, follow the procedure to enable BitLocker in the Group Policy Object Editor.

• If you get the error message BitLocker could not be enabled. The system firmware failed to enable clearing of system memory on reboot after restarting your system during the BitLocker setup process, it means that BitLocker has determined your system does not clear out memory during the reboot process. Hackers could analyze the contents of memory for the BitLocker encryption key and use it to bypass BitLocker encryption.

To enable your system to run BitLocker, contact your system vendor for a BIOS upgrade that includes the clearing of system memory upon reboot option. If this option is not available, you cannot run BitLocker on the system.

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