Setting Permissions for Home Group Sharing

If you want to let other users change the files in one of your libraries, or if you want to enable or prevent access to a specific library, folder, or individual file, use this procedure:

1. Locate the library, folder, or file in Windows Explorer, right-click its icon, and select Share With.

2. Select one of these choices:

• Nobody—Keeps everyone else out of the library, file, or folder.

• Homegroup (Read)—Lets everyone else in the home-group read, but not change, rename, delete, or add to the file(s).

• Homegroup (Read/Write)—Lets all other homegroup users not only view, but make changes to the selected library, folder, or file. This includes adding new files, deleting files, and so on.

• Specific People—Enables you to choose access levels for individual users. This may not work quite as you might guess, as I'll explain next.

ft note

The first time you share a new folder, use one of the two Share With Homegroup options. This makes the folder appear in the Homegroup listing on everyone else's computer. Then, if you want to customize access for specific people, right-click again and select Share With Specific People to make adjustments.

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