Personal Firewalls A Layer of Protection from Worms

Because worms spread across networks without user interaction, antivirus programs that seek to prevent users from launching viruses do not apply. Defense against worms demands a layered defense, where the first layer is a good network firewall.

^ For a more detailed discussion about Windows Firewall, see "Windows Firewall,"p. 920.

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As evidenced by the layout of the Security heading in the Action Center, there is often one program to block spyware, another to fight viruses, and yet another to provide a network firewall on a single PC. The industry trend is toward convergence. Many antivirus programs now use their scanning technology to identify and remove spyware, and some include a personal firewall as well. Some packages even include rootkit and phishing protection in some form. (See Chapter 32 for details on phishing.) In coming years, we might see the evolution of an Integrated Security Client rather than a grab-bag of specialized applications, or at least more cohesive suites of products. Comprehensive PC management services, which include malware defense, are another interesting development. In May 2006, Microsoft launched Windows Live OneCare, an attempt at a more holistic approach to PC management including malware protection, pre-ventative maintenance, backups, and tech support. In the second half of 2009, a new offering called Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) takes over this job.

Antimalware Strategy: Defense in Depth

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