Bit Locker System Requirements

BitLocker in Windows Vista requires that your hard disk have a second partition of at least 1.5GB that is used for the BitLocker encryption tools. You must also have a way to provide credentials to permit the system to recognize you as the authorized user, such as a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) microchip and BIOS or, for systems that lack onboard TPM 1.2 support, a USB flash memory drive.

Customers that didn't deploy Windows Vista with the required two-partition configuration found that enabling BitLocker was entirely too cumbersome. Windows 7 automatically creates the necessary disk partitions during installation and now includes the ability to right-click a drive to enable BitLocker protection. BitLocker also adds a supportive Data Recovery Agent (DRA) for all protected volumes, allowing IT administrators to dictate that all such volumes are appropriately encrypted.

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